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What are the advantages of low frequency electronic tags?

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Electronic tags are also called radio frequency tags, transponders, and data carriers; readers are also called reading devices, scanners, read heads, communicators, and readers (depending on whether the electronic tag can rewrite data wirelessly). So what are the advantages of low-frequency electronic tags?

1. The low-frequency frequency is used by itself, and the working frequency is not constrained by the Radio Regulatory Commission. The low-frequency system does not have any special license restrictions in the world.

2. Low-frequency radio waves have strong penetrating power, can penetrate weakly conductive substances, and can be used in environments such as water, wood, and organic substances. Except for metal materials, generally, low-frequency waves can pass through any material without reducing the reading distance.

What are the advantages of low frequency electronic tags?1

3. Low-frequency electronic tags generally use CMOS technology, which has the characteristics of power saving and low cost.

4. There are different packaging forms for low-frequency products, and a good packaging form has a service life of more than 10 years.

5. The magnetic field area of low frequency drops quickly, but can produce a relatively uniform read and write area.