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How do fluorescent lamps work?

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"Fluorescent lamps" can be divided into traditional fluorescent lamps and electrodeless fluorescent lamps. Fluorescent lamps have a relatively long service life, and at the same time, their color rendering and light efficiency are relatively good, and fluorescent lamps can be used in a wide range. So what is the working principle of fluorescent lamps?

How do fluorescent lamps work?1

1. The inner wall of the fluorescent lamp is coated with fluorescent powder, and its management is also filled with argon gas of 400 Pa to 500 Pa and a small amount of mercury. Under the condition of electrification, the mercury atoms in the tube are excited, thereby radiating ultraviolet rays, which can release excess energy, so that the fluorescent powder in the tube can absorb ultraviolet radiation and emit light.

2. In addition, the color of the fluorescent powder is different, and the refracted light is also different. Most of the electricity consumed by the fluorescent lamp is used to generate ultraviolet rays, so the fluorescent lamp is an energy-saving light source.