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How to identify genuine and fake Columbia hiking shoes?

Tips 2022-07-08 08:07:07 Clothing Care 1980

Colombia mainly deals in outdoor sportswear, including shoes, jackets, outdoor supplies, etc. It is well-known in the world, so how do identify the true and false Colombian hiking shoes?

How to identify genuine and fake Columbia hiking shoes?1

1. Look at the price. This is the most important, you can refer to the price of hiking shoes if it is 200-300, these kinds of shoes are not real, they are all fine imitations and high imitations.

2. Look at the soles, the soles of real hiking shoes are exquisite in workmanship. The logo mark of the real product is clear, powerful, round, and beautiful, while the fake product is very reluctant, blurred, and even the color is not burned, but simply painted with a pen the day after tomorrow. The comparison of the insole depends on the printing quality and the hardness of the EVA. The fake product is super soft and thin and does not have the strength that a hiking insole should have. The outsole uses a good hard rubber sole, and the rubber is the best Italian viable.

3. Outsole and insole, the insole inside the shoe are usually made of foam material, which is very elastic. If you compare the original brand new balance and the fake brand on the street, you will know the difference between the insole and the sole. One is hard, the other is strong and elastic. It feels like a hard bone-like an old man, a muscle like a stick boy. Buying outdoor shoes is to be used, not to wear a shoe, so the inner quality is the most important.