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Can sweet potatoes and bananas be eaten together?

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Sweet potatoes are rich in crude fiber, vitamins, and potassium. Regularly eating bananas can not only nourish the stomach but also prevent constipation. Sweet potatoes are coarse grains and also have a good laxative effect. Bananas are soft and glutinous, and sweet potatoes are sweet and soft. Both foods can promote digestion. Can sweet potatoes and bananas be eaten together?

Can sweet potatoes and bananas be eaten together?1

1 Sweet potato and bananas are not recommended to eat together.

2 Mainly because bananas contain a lot of cellulose and potassium ions, while sweet potatoes are rich in starch. Mixing the two foods is likely to cause obvious abdominal distension and aggravate constipation. There are sores on the tongue, sore throat, and other symptoms of getting angry. It is recommended that these two foods should be eaten at an interval of more than 1-2 hours so that the nutritional value in bananas can be absorbed, intestinal peristalsis can be promoted, and the starch in sweet potatoes can be absorbed to promote metabolism.