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Should the sunscreen be patted on or applied directly?

Tips 2022-07-25 08:07:18 Home Life 881

Applying sunscreen is an indispensable skincare step in daily skin care. Sunscreen is very important in skin care products. When applying sunscreen, you must apply it evenly enough to maximize its effect. So should the sunscreen be slapped on or applied directly?

Should the sunscreen be patted on or applied directly?1

1. It is recommended to combine tapping and smearing.

2. When applying sunscreen, first apply the sunscreen on the face or other parts of the body, then spread it with your hands, and gently tap it until it is close to the skin, so that the skin can completely absorb the sunscreen and protect against UV rays for a long time. and sunscreen effect.

3. If you apply it directly without tapping, it will make the sunscreen difficult to spread and the skin will be difficult to absorb. So, a combination of smearing and patting is the best way to apply sunscreen.