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How thick should a latex mattress be?

Tips 2022-06-15 09:06:56 Home Life 587

How thick is the latex mattress? When choosing the thickness of a latex mattress, we also need to consider other factors. If you are planning to lay directly on an existing spring mattress or soft bed, choose a thickness of 5cm to improve the comfort of the mattress and the overall height of the bed.

If you are going to directly spread on the bed board, you can choose a thickness of more than 7.5cm is appropriate, and can meet the effect at the same time, but also high-cost performance.

How thick should a latex mattress be?1

If you are directly going to lay on the iron bed, it is recommended to choose a thicker latex mattress. You can choose more than 10cm because the choice of a too thin latex mattress is not only bad but also easy to damage the latex mattress.

The thicker the thickness of the latex mattress, the higher the price, so we also need to buy according to the budget.