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Can activated carbon dehumidify?

Tips 2022-08-02 08:08:18 Home Life 1023

Although summer is a hot time period, it is also the most prone to damp moisture in the home. It is necessary to do a good job of moisture-proofing the home in summer. So can activated carbon dehumidify?

Can activated carbon dehumidify?1

1. Activated carbon cannot dehumidify and remove moisture.

2. Because the activated carbon filtration is to intercept the pollutants in the suspended state, the intercepted suspended matter fills the gaps between the activated carbons, and the water will flow down, so it does not have water absorption and cannot be dehumidified. Activated carbon is a specially treated carbon that heats organic raw materials (nut shells, coal, wood, etc.) in the absence of air to reduce non-carbon components (this process is called carbonization), and then reacts with the gas, and the surface is covered with air. Erosion, resulting in a microporous structure (this process is called activation).