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What if the hair is bent?

Tips 2022-08-03 08:08:43 Home Life 860

The haircut is a beauty method that many people like very much now. Straightening hair is one of the common hairdressing methods, especially girls with naturally curly hair like to straighten their hair, so what should I do if the hair is bent?

1. Wet your hair with water. Many people wet the curly hair with water after putting it down and after a while, the hair will naturally straighten. However, this method will take effect slowly, and the effect is not significant. It is more suitable for some people who tie their hair loosely and for a relatively short time. Therefore, the effect of this method depends on the specific situation.

2. Use a straightener to straighten your hair. The hair bend can be straightened with straight hair clips. This effect can be said to be very fast, and it is not easy to deform, which is welcomed by many people. But there is a disadvantage in that the damage to the hair is relatively large because the hair is straightened at a high temperature when straightening. Therefore, it is recommended that the frequency of using this method is not too high, otherwise, it will cause more damage to the hair.

3. Do not tie your hair too tightly. To make their hair look neat, many girls usually subconsciously tie their hair tightly when tying their hair, and then the hair will bend, and it is difficult to straighten it again. In addition, if the hair is tied too tightly, it will also cause damage to the scalp and cause hair loss.

What if the hair is bent?1

4. Use styling water. Spray some styling water on it, and then slowly straighten it with a comb, you will find that the hair will straighten. This method is relatively convenient, and the damage to the hair is relatively small.

5. Use essential oils. Usually, after washing your hair, wait until the hair is almost 80% dry, it is recommended to apply the essential oil evenly on the hair. This can not only increase the suppleness of the hair, make the hair not easy to bend, but also supplement nutrition and prevent hair loss, dryness, and frizz.

6. Use conditioner. Many people find it very troublesome to use conditioner when washing their hair, so they don't bother to use conditioner. However, the conditioner has a very important role in the hair, for example, it can help the hair become more vertical and supple, and repair the damaged hair. Therefore, it is recommended to use a conditioner when washing your hair at ordinary times, which not only has a protective effect on the hair but also is not easy to bend.