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What is the difference between oily and dry hair?

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In daily life, many people do not know whether they have oily or dry hair, so what is the difference between oily hair and dry hair?

1. Oily situation: For oily hair, there is no doubt that the oily situation is much more. It will not wait until the next day after washing, and the hair will be greasy on the same day. A wisp of hand is full of oil. For dry hair, the hair remains supple for two days after washing, and the scalp is too dry, so dandruff often occurs.

2. Wet condition: If it is not very clear based on the oily condition, it can also be distinguished by the state of the hair when it is wet. When you are washing your hair, wet your hair. If the scalp is difficult to comb, there is obvious frizz, Knotted, that's dry hair. And if the hair is easily combed out after it is wet, without knots, showing little greasy strands, it is oily hair.

3. Daily situation: The appearance of dry hair in daily life is very obvious, often manifested as dry and bifurcated hair, dull, easy to lose, often dandruff and the distribution of hair is from the top of the head to the end of the hair. From dense to thin. Oily hair, on the other hand, is "glossy" and prone to hair loss. In daily activities, especially outdoors, you can see that the hair is oily at a glance.

What is the difference between oily and dry hair?1

4. Difference in elasticity: Generally speaking, dry hair lacks moisture and keratin, so the elasticity of the hair is relatively low and it is relatively stiff. Pinch the ends of a piece of hair, pull it gently and it will break, and the extension length is less than 10%. For oily hair, its elasticity is much better than that of dry hair, the extension length can reach 30-40%, and it will not be easily pulled and broken.

5. Thickness difference: Friends with oily hair generally have fine hair, because each hair occupies a small area on the scalp, which means that the distribution of hair follicles per unit area is more, so the oil output is also It's more natural. For coarse hair, it is generally dry hair, which is not easy to produce oil. The reason is the same as shampooing easy to oil.