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Precautions for hair split ends

Tips 2022-06-23 08:06:23 Healthy Diet 299

(1) Do not chemically treat hair too much, such as perming, bleaching, dyeing, and excessive use of hair dryers.

(2) Avoid strong exposure to the summer sun.

(3) Avoid using improper shampoo.

(4) To ensure enough sleep time to prevent excessive fatigue.

Precautions for hair split ends1

(5) Avoid seawater erosion.

(6) For those with long hair, in order to avoid split ends, it is best to cut the ends of the hair about once every 40 days, and use oil-containing shampoo instead, and bake the oil regularly.

(7) Frequently massage the scalp with a temple brush to improve blood circulation and stimulate oil secretion.

(8) Every time you blow your hair, you must first moisten your hair, and do not blow your hair when it is dry.