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How to store a packaged bouquet?

Tips 2022-07-01 07:07:52 Home Life 380

I believe that all my friends are in a particularly beautiful mood after receiving the flowers, but many of them also have a problem at the same time, the bouquets are not well preserved, and the whole bouquets will be discarded. So how to store the packaged bouquet?

1. Putting it in a ventilated and sunny place can maintain the growth of flowers to a certain extent.

2. If possible, place a humidifier near the flowers to keep the air moist to reduce the evaporation of water from the flowers.

3. Adding a preservative to the water of the bouquet can also inhibit the withering of the flowers and prolong the number of days for the flowers to bloom.

How to store a packaged bouquet?1

4. Remember not to spray water directly on the flowers, this will make the flowers moldy.

5. For well-preserved flowers, they can also be made into dried flowers for preservation.