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What if there are small flying insects in the flowerpot?

Tips 2022-06-09 08:06:30 Home Life 365

Almost all flower growers have encountered this problem. When summer comes, flowers and plants grow pleasantly, it is easy to give birth to some small black flying insects. Although these little flying insects don't bite people, they are quite a nuisance to fly around the house. Recommend a few kill insect small method to everybody here, very practical.

How to eradicate small flying insects in flower POTS

What if there are small flying insects in the flowerpot?1

Small flying insects can occur in flower POTS for several reasons:

1. When planting flowers and plants, the soil is not disinfected and sterilized. Usually, there are insect eggs in the soil, so you should dry the soil in the sun before planting and add insect repellent.

2. Soil quality, generally speaking, peat soil is more prone to insect pests than piled-up soil, because piled-up soil belongs to mature soil, and the probability of insect pests is low.

3. It is related to the species of plants and the environment of conservation.

If the amount of small flying insects is particularly large, recommended prevention and control methods, with "gram thistle" emulsion 1000 times liquid spray, insect, egg, and treatment, long duration; "70% imidacloprid" wettable powder, "20% acetamiprid", 2% abamectin. Alternate every week or so.

Under normal circumstances, flower market sales are more common for flowers and insects with clear, oxidative dimethoate.