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What should I do if there are flying insects at home?

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How can I eradicate small flying bugs in my home? 

Do the following, the bugs will slowly disappear, and the most important thing is to keep it dry.

1. You should clean up garbage regularly and develop good living habits. The peeled vegetables should be cleaned on time, and the home should be kept clean from time to time, especially the kitchen must be kept clean. Be careful with the juice shed when eating fruit. You can also spray some pesticides in some corners of the home. You must also pay attention to frequent Take out of the trash.

2. Pay attention to keeping the bathroom ventilated and dry, and block the drains and floor drains with things. If the pipes under your pool are straight, it is best to replace them with curved ones. Regularly flush the floor drain with boiling water or diluted 84 to kill the eggs. , This kind of bug is very stubborn, and it takes a more powerful insecticide to stare at it and spray it on the body to kill it.

What should I do if there are flying insects at home?1

Other ways to get rid of small flying insects:

1. Find some medicines such as pesticides and put them on the table.

2. to be ventilated during the day.

3. Don't keep fruit at home for a long time.

4. Buy mosquito killer lamps, which are very useful.

5. Check the joints of the floor one by one for termite pests.

6. Check the kitchen rice tank to see if the rice worms are mature.

7. Are there aquatic plants at home? If so, wash and change the water regularly to ensure that the water in the vase is clean.

8. Put the food you don't eat into the refrigerator, don't place it casually.

9. It is recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine for deworming, betel nut, babu, senneem, and Torreya.

10. The most important thing is to keep dry.

11. Regularly flush the floor drain with boiled water or diluted 84 to completely kill the eggs.