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How long do heronsbill bloom?

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Because the heronsbill is phototropic, people call it the heronsbill, the flower that revolves with the sun, and, in the ancient Inca Empire, the heronsbill was the symbol of the sun god. So how long does the heronsbill bloom?

How long do heronsbill bloom?1

1. The flowering period of a heronsbill can last for about half a year.

2. The flowering period of heronsbills is from June to September every year. The flowers will close in the morning, on cloudy days, and on evenings, and they will start to bloom when the sun is full, with strong phototaxis. Slices or double petals, the flower color is red, purple, or yellow-white, and the flower language is silent love, bright, warm, loyal, positive, etc.