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Are undercooked lentils poisonous?

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When it comes to lentils, I believe many people are very familiar with them, and they are one of the vegetables that are often eaten in life. There are many simple ways to eat lentils, so are uncooked lentils poisonous?

Are undercooked lentils poisonous?1

1.Uncooked lentil has certain toxicity.

2.Lentils contain toxic components such as hemagglutinin and saponins. And the older the lentils, the more saponins, but they will be destroyed in the heat. Poisoning can easily occur if it is not fully cooked during the cooking process. Toxic substances such as saponin, poisonous glycosides, and glycine are strongly irritating to the human gastrointestinal tract, can dissolve red blood cells, and cause hemorrhagic inflammation.

3.In addition to lentils, common beans that are prone to poisoning include green beans, oil beans, cowpeas, beans, etc., but they can be removed by sufficient heating.