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Do carbonated drinks contain alcohol?

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As the temperature rises, carbonated beverages are becoming more and more popular. Some people don't like carbonated drinks, they want to drink carbonated drinks when they are thirsty, drink carbonated drinks when their mouths are bored and have carbonated drinks with them when they eat. So do carbonated drinks contain alcohol?

Do carbonated drinks contain alcohol?1

1. Carbonated drinks do not contain alcohol.

2. Carbonated drinks are just refreshing drink. It contains carbon dioxide and is equipped with an appropriate amount of sugar, citric acid, flavor, food coloring, etc. If the carbon dioxide of about 2 to 3 atmospheres is sealed in the sugar water, some carbon dioxide gas will dissolve in the water, and the carbon dioxide will form carbonic acid in the water. , the kind of stimulating taste that soda gives people is because of the carbonic acid.