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How long can sushi last?

Tips 2022-08-03 08:08:10 Healthy Diet 603

Sushi is a delicacy that is often eaten. Whether you are shopping or ordering takeaways, you can always eat sushi. Sushi is also one of the main dishes in Japanese cuisine. It is loved by many young people. So how long can sushi last?

1. Generally, sushi can be stored for about one to three days if it is stored properly.

2. However, it is best to buy and eat sushi immediately, and not store it for too long, otherwise the freshness of the sushi will decrease, which will affect its flavor and taste.

How long can sushi last?1

3. The seaweed on the surface of the sushi will become very soft and lose its crunchy feel. In addition, there are many types of sushi, and the time of the rolled sushi will be slightly longer, but it should not be left for too long, otherwise, it will lose its delicious taste.