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What should I do if the socket is shorted by water?

Tips 2022-06-29 08:06:21 Home Appliances 284

The socket is a common item in life. Although we usually pay attention to the safety of the socket, we cannot avoid negligence. For example, if the socket is accidentally flooded with water, the electrical appliance cannot be used after the socket is flooded. What should I do if the socket is short-circuited?

What should I do if the socket is shorted by water?1

1. The waterproof of the socket is more important. If there is a short circuit after the socket enters the water, it is mainly caused by the moisture inside the socket. At this time, you can reinstall the socket of the same specification to prevent fire hazards, or check whether other circuits are abnormal. If there is no phenomenon, wipe the water on it and continue to use it.

2. If the power supply is plugged into the socket, and there is no short circuit, first clean the water on the surface, then unscrew the screws on the panel, dry the water inside with a hair dryer, or use an absorbent paper towel to clean it. Wipe it clean and keep it dry. It is not recommended to use it again if the water is serious.

3. When there is a short circuit in the socket, it is best to ask professional personnel to check and deal with it, to avoid poor contact with the plug, which is prone to certain safety hazards. If necessary, a protective cover can be installed on the surface to prevent water seepage.