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What Causes Air Leaks in an Electric Pressure Cooker?

Tips 2022-07-26 09:07:25 Home Appliances 818

When using an electric pressure cooker to cook food, some people find that the pressure cooker at home has a problem with air leakage, resulting in the food not being cooked. So what is the reason for the air leakage of the electric pressure cooker?

What Causes Air Leaks in an Electric Pressure Cooker?1

1. It may be caused by the poor sealing of the sealing ring, such as the aging of the sealing ring, the mismatch of the sealing ring, or the existence of foreign matter between the sealing ring and the inner tank, which leads to the poor sealing performance. After cleaning the electric pressure cooker, reinstall the sealing ring, or replace the damaged and aging sealing ring.

2. It is possible that the electric pressure cooker cannot be well sealed due to the deformation of the inner tank or the deformation of the lid. If this is the case, replace the inner pot with a new one or repair the lid.

3. The chassis of the electric pressure cooker is sagging or there are foreign objects in the chassis so that the product cannot be well sealed, and it will also cause air leakage. You can clean up the foreign objects on the electric pressure cooker chassis, or ask a professional to repair the subsided chassis.