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Is the electric auxiliary heating cooling or heating?

Tips 2022-07-22 08:07:10 Home Appliances 607

Air conditioners are already equipped with electrical appliances in every household. In addition to heating and cooling, air conditioners also have many auxiliary functions. Let's take a look at whether electric auxiliary heating is cooling or heating.

Is the electric auxiliary heating cooling or heating?1

1. Electric auxiliary heating is for heating.

2. Electric auxiliary heating is a special function of the air conditioner, which is only applicable to the heating mode of the air conditioner and cannot be used in the cooling mode. The air conditioner using the electric auxiliary heating technology can automatically change the calorific value according to the change of the room temperature and the air volume of the indoor unit, to adjust the indoor temperature just right and achieve the purpose of rapid and strong heating.

3. When the outdoor ambient temperature is too low, the use effect is better, the electric auxiliary heat can effectively improve the heating speed of the air conditioner, and can also enhance the heating effect of the air conditioner. The power consumption is not very high, and the temperature in the room can be raised in the shortest time. Very suitable for use in cold regions.