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The reason for the peculiar smell of air conditioning

Tips 2022-06-09 16:06:50 Home Appliances 424

1, if the air conditioner runs for a long time, the air conditioner filter and copper inside will squeeze a certain amount of dust, heat exchanger fins will also be filled with dust, in the accumulation of a certain amount will cause congestion; Produce a certain odor, with the opening of the air conditioning, air conditioning odor will drift into the air.

2, because the air conditioning in the refrigeration heat, in many cases, the interior of the indoor machine will have moisture, so when the air conditioning is turned off, the air conditioning without dry mildew function will immediately stop, so the internal moisture has been there, down for a long time will produce mold, mildew will naturally produce.

3, long time no air conditioning at boot time also can produce peculiar smell, because of the heat exchange coil, fin and its surrounding parts stuck on the water slowly evaporates, around the coil form suitable for microbial breeding high-temperature condition, a large amount of gas generated in microbial breeding will be released in the air conditioning system driven, becomes the source of the stench.

The reason for the peculiar smell of air conditioning1

4, some air supply end nonefficient filter system, such as computer rooms, hotel rooms, although the interior decoration is good, fresh air, air conditioning are filtered, but some indoor air supply port and window surface can still be found near the dust, the surface of the internal parts of the machine also adhesion of a layer of dust. A large amount of dust that is believed to be brought by fresh air and deposited in these places not only carries microbes but also provides indispensable nutritional conditions for microbial reproduction, causing the air conditioning to produce odors.

5, if you often smoke in the air conditioning room, perfume, makeup, and so on, then the air conditioning room will go through the circulation of the air conditioning evaporator (indoor machine) for a long time, adsorption on the evaporator or filter network, for a long time, the air conditioning just turned on when there is a strange smell, so the air conditioning room to keep clean.