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How to clean the notebook computer screen?

Tips 2022-06-09 16:06:44 Home Appliances 425

1. Soft brush

Use a soft brush to clean up the dust inside the keyboard gap.

2. Special cleaners

Display screens are prone to finger marks and hard-to-clean stains that can't be removed with water because they often contain oil.

Below this kind of circumstance, we can buy a special liquid crystal screen cleaner to undertake cleanness, the price is between 100, and 200 yuan, the special cleaner has detailed use description normally. To remind you, as far as possible to go to large shopping malls to buy special detergent, do not buy some unknown detergent to save money, because this kind of goods are easy to be added to contain corrosive chemicals, the protection of the screen is quite adverse.

How to clean the notebook computer screen?1

3. Water and a soft cloth

If there is only some dust on the surface of the screen, use a soft cloth, or high-quality eyewear if possible, slightly water, wring dry, regularly wipe the screen from top to bottom, from left to right, then use soft toilet paper to dry the watermarks.

If the rough cloth or toilet paper is used, the laptop display screen is prone to scratches or broken spots over a long time.