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Seven tips for removing odors from refrigerators

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Orange peel in addition to taste: take fresh orange 500 grams, after eating an orange, orange peel wash wipe dry, scattered into the refrigerator, 3 days later, open the refrigerator, fragrant nose, peculiar smell all without.

Lemon except for flavor: cut lemon into small pieces, place each layer in the freezer, can remove the peculiar smell.

Medical stone in addition to taste: take 500 grams of medical stone, sieve to powder particles into the gauze bag, and placed in the refrigerator, 10 minutes after the odor can be in addition.

The refrigerator used for a long time will have a small refrigerator in addition to the tips of peculiar smell

Vinegar deodorant: Pour some vinegar into an open glass jar and place it in the refrigerator.

Seven tips for removing odors from refrigerators1

Baking soda for flavor removal: Fill 500 grams of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in two wide-mouthed glass bottles (open the lid) and store in the upper and lower layers of the refrigerator.

Rice wine in addition to flavor: with 1 bowl of rice wine, put on the bottom of the refrigerator (to prevent outflow), generally, 3 days can remove odor.

Sandalwood soap deodorant: put a piece of sandalwood soap to remove the wrapping paper in the refrigerator, the effect of deodorant is also good, but the cooked food in the refrigerator must be placed in a covered container.