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Air conditioning odor treatment methods

Tips 2022-06-09 16:06:33 Home Appliances 398

1, often use or occasionally used, air conditioning will conduct regular cleaning, can buy a dedicated air-conditioning cleaner, open the machine shell off screen you can see in the metal finned evaporator, condition into the evaporator spray evenly inside the power, wait 15 minutes after the start air conditioning, dirt will with condensed water outflow, easily remove the peculiar smell.

2. In the process of cleaning air conditioning, it is not enough to clean the filter, because the filter only filters part of the dust, there will still be a lot of dust, mites, pollen, and mold accumulated on the radiator through the filter! And accumulated a lot of germs. Radiator cleaning and disinfection is the key, we can do more than 1 step in cleaning the air conditioning, clean the filter at the same time the air conditioning radiator is also cleaned and disinfected, to effectively inhibit the growth of radiator bacteria to bring pollution to the indoor air, really remove odor.

Air conditioning odor treatment methods1

3, air conditioning to disinfect 1 times a month, every year for the first time in the season of change garments according to the air conditioning should be thoroughly before starting the cleaning and disinfection, but in air conditioning use frequently in such as summer, because people may be a long time to stay in air conditioning room, indoor air quality directly affects our health, so you need to regularly to clean the air conditioning.