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What should I do if my throat is itchy and I want to cough?

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When the throat is itchy and the cough is often caused by reasons such as cough after a cold, chronic pharyngitis, etc., the patient's throat is dry and itchy and the airway is in a state of hypersensitivity. At this time, blood routine examination and laryngoscopy examination of the throat should be improved, and honey Lian loquat ointment, Lanqin oral liquid to relieve itching, and compound licorice tablets, Kebiqing cough, and loratadine for anti-allergic treatment should be given for symptomatic treatment. Of course, we should also pay attention to the possibility of allergic cough or cough variant asthma due to exposure to or inhalation of cold air, dust, polluted environment, and other factors.

What should I do if my throat is itchy and I want to cough?1

At this time, most patients need to improve chest X-ray, lung function plus bronchial provocation test, exhaled nitric oxide measurement, etc. These patients need to use cough and throat drugs, and also receive budesonide inhaled hormone and montelukast, and other drug treatments. At the same time as the above treatment, one should also strengthen the cessation of smoking and alcohol, and avoid the stimulation of a spicy diet and unfavorable environmental factors.