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What kind of jewelry does a red dress go with

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1. Headgear

When the bride wears a red dress, if her hair is tied up, she can choose to wear a red bow headband or a large bow hairpin, or a pearl headband, which is a proper princess style. If you don't tie your hair, you can choose a headband with a drill, a red headband, or a pearl headband, which is also very beautiful and looks lovely.

2. Earrings

For some retro styles, earrings can be worn with pearl styles or gold earrings, which are more retro. Silver diamond earrings will look even more sparkly and are suitable for brides who like romance. The red earrings echo the red dress, the colors are very harmonious, highlighting the mature temperament, and it is also a more appropriate match.

What kind of jewelry does a red dress go with1

3. Necklace

For necklaces with red dresses, you can choose pearl necklaces, thinner gold necklaces, silver fine diamond necklaces, or cloth necklaces of the same color, which are all very temperamental.

4. Bracelet

In the choice of bracelets, red dresses can be matched with gold bracelets, silver bracelets, pearl bracelets, and some classic styles are fine. The bracelets are not suitable for too thick, such as the big gold bracelets with Chinese dresses, which are too exaggerated and smaller. would be more enjoyable.

5. Ring

The ring can be worn as a wedding ring or prepared separately, such as a ring with pearls, or a ring with a red gemstone. With your confident and powerful aura, you are the queen.