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Will alcohol wipes wipe the face?

Tips 2022-06-09 09:06:28 Home Life 626

Yes, but not suggest very often.

Will alcohol wipes wipe the face?1

Alcohol wipes can be used to wipe the face, which has a good disinfection and sterilization effect and is also very good for cleaning the face, so you can wipe the face, hands, and so on.

However, alcohol wipes can not be used for a long time and frequently to wipe the face, because alcohol is an irritating chemical component after all, long-term or too frequent use on the face will easily stimulate the facial skin, thus affecting the health of the skin.

Alcohol has a volatile nature, a short time of use will not have any obvious stimulation, but long-term use on the face will feel like facial skin is very dry and very uncomfortable.