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Can I drink alcohol after a tetanus shot?

Tips 2022-07-05 08:07:14 Healthy Diet 509

When the human body is injured and there is a serious wound, it is necessary to inject tetanus antitoxin in time to avoid the occurrence of tetanus. So can I drink alcohol after a tetanus shot?

Can I drink alcohol after a tetanus shot?1

1. Whether it is possible to drink alcohol after injection of tetanus antitoxin has not yet been definitively concluded because drinking alcohol will not affect the immune effect of antitoxin, but in most cases, doctors do not recommend drinking alcohol after injection, because alcohol may induce or aggravate it Adverse reactions cause patients to experience local redness, swelling, heat, pain or whole body fever, itching, and rash.

2. In addition, drinking alcohol is not conducive to wound healing. It is best not to drink alcohol if there is a wound after a tetanus injection. It is best to drink a small amount of alcohol after 10 days.