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What is the best month for prenatal education?

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Modern people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of fertility. Every family hopes that their baby will be healthy and smart. Modern research proves that if you actively carry out prenatal education during pregnancy, you can make your baby smarter and better. Many people want to actively carry out prenatal education during pregnancy, so what is the best month for prenatal education?

1 The medical profession recognizes that the fetus has an intact sense of touch and taste at the sixteenth week of pregnancy. Eighteen-week fetuses are already responding to light. At 20 weeks, the fetus develops hearing, and the fetus at this time can dream, remember and think. That is to say, apart from the physical development and growth, the mind and spirituality of the fetus have already begun to be brewed and cultivated before giving birth. Therefore, prenatal education can be carried out from 16 weeks of the fetus.

2 Precautions for starting prenatal education: Prenatal education is not something that can be done anytime, anywhere. Most of the fetus spends time in sleep, so in order not to disturb the baby's sleep as much as possible, the implementation of prenatal education must follow the laws of fetal physical and psychological development, and cannot be carried out at will. There are a few things parents should be aware of.

3 Prenatal education should be timely and appropriate. To observe and understand the activity of the fetus, we must choose prenatal education when the fetus is awakened, and each time does not exceed 20 minutes. Second, prenatal education must be regular. Prenatal education should be carried out regularly every day so that the fetus can develop the habit of regular life, and it is also conducive to recognizing after birth, laying the foundation for the development of other cognitive abilities. Third, prenatal education must have emotional integration. During the teaching process, mothers should concentrate and fully devote themselves to experience with the fetus and establish the initial parent-child relationship.

What is the best month for prenatal education?1

4. A good environment is more conducive to the growth and development of the baby than external stimulation. For the fetus, a good environment is where the mother is in a happy mood and has adequate nutrition, which is the most original and powerful prenatal education for the baby.

5 Prenatal education should be done regularly, choose the time when the baby lifts frequently, no more than 10 minutes a day, if the baby moves suddenly and frequently, it means that he does not like it and can be suspended.

6. Babies who receive prenatal education generally have the following reactions: when they listen to music, the fetus will move frequently, and they want to listen. As soon as the music is heard, it does not move much, indicating that it is listening. When the music pauses, the fetal movement starts again, indicating that the baby is listening very seriously. After the music ends, it will start moving again.