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Is the shaver better manual or electric?

Tips 2022-07-06 08:07:48 Home Appliances 1087

For men, there are not as many cleansing and skin care products as for women, but there is one tool that men must have, and that is a razor. Nowadays, most men have chosen electric shavers, so what is a manual razor? Good or electric?

Is the shaver better manual or electric?1

1. The key to choosing a razor depends on the beard.

2. If the beard is thicker and needs to be shaved every day, you can choose to use a reciprocating electric shaver;

3. If you have few beards and do not need to shave often, you can buy a rotary electric shaver with a relatively large contact surface;

4. For men with thick and long beards, you can buy a three-blade or four-blade rotary electric shaver;

5. If it is a man with a hard board, you can choose a manual shaver;