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How to remove formaldehyde after decoration?

Tips 2022-06-29 08:06:46 Home Life 330

It is common knowledge that everyone can’t move in after the new home is renovated, but after the new home is renovated, it is also what everyone wants to do if they can’t wait to move in, no matter how much they want to move in, they have to wait until the formaldehyde is removed. After reaching a relatively safe value, you can live in, so how to remove formaldehyde after decoration?

How to remove formaldehyde after decoration?1

1 The first and most important thing is ventilation, which is also the easiest method, but the effect is not very obvious. At this time, we can put some green plants at home to help absorb formaldehyde, but if the formaldehyde content in the home is too high, it will cause plant death. In addition to ventilation and green plants, we can also buy some activated carbon to help absorb formaldehyde. Solid activated carbon has the characteristics of many pores and has a strong adsorption and decomposition effect on harmful substances such as formaldehyde. The smaller the particles of activated carbon, the better the adsorption effect. it is good.

2 At the same time, buying an air purifier to help purify the air is also a good choice. There are quite a few types of air purifiers on the market, and different air purifiers have different working principles. Although air purifiers take up more space, Moreover, the filter element needs to be replaced regularly, but it is quite effective in purifying formaldehyde.

3 In addition, many developers have already completed the fresh air system when they hand over the house. The principle of the fresh air system is to continuously discharge the indoor polluted air to the outdoors, and transport the outdoor fresh air into the room after passing through the filter device. Even if the window is not opened, the air can be purified. And it's not suitable for old houses. All of the above methods can remove formaldehyde, but it is up to the householder to decide how to do it.