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How long can the formaldehyde of wood floor come loose

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It usually goes away all the time, but it takes about ten years to completely go away. Wood floor is divided into many kinds, if a solid wood floor is generally not formaldehyde, because the formaldehyde of wood floor comes from the adhesive, and solid wood floor production does not need adhesive, so after laying the good solid wood floor, only needs ventilation 3-6 months can be.

How long can the formaldehyde of wood floor come loose1

 The general artificial wood floor contains a lot of adhesive, especially after the high temperature is made, can release formaldehyde constantly, because this is quite when buying a wood floor, had better be to choose a quality better product, the formaldehyde that contains also is less. The newly laid wood floor needs to be ventilated for more than three months until formaldehyde standards can be moved in.