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Why don't they have wood floors anymore

Tips 2022-06-15 09:06:44 Home Life 566

Because the practicability of wooden floor is poorer, bring about the major user does not choose to install the wooden floor. The water absorption of wood floor is poor, and the wood floor is easy to be affected by moisture and thus deformation in the case of long-term use. 

Why don't they have wood floors anymore1

Moreover, the long-term trampling of the wood floor is easy to make its position move, which leads to the phenomenon of part of the wood floor warping. If the user does not pay attention to it, it will also bring certain security risks to it. Because the wood floor is very high on the ground flatness requirements, so the laying of wood floor is more troublesome, if the early laying project did not do a bit, it will make the wood floor uneven, thus affecting the appearance. But if the wood floor has been laid, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly, and the wood floor needs to be waxed irregularly.