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Can a microwave oven serve as an oven?

Tips 2022-06-09 15:06:34 Home Appliances 604


Microwaves use the food's water molecules to heat at high speed. The oven is to bake food on the surface through calorific resistance wire, both heat the same food, the result achieved is different, although microwave oven has certain barbecue function, not professional oven from beginning to end, cannot reach the requirement of barbecue completely.

Can a microwave oven serve as an oven?1

If it is baked food, certainly the oven is better, if replaced by the microwave oven, not only time and firepower is very difficult to grasp, but also do food and oven have a great difference, such as simple baked egg tart, the microwave oven may not oven so soft sweet, but also easy to scorch.