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How to Block a Websites on Chrome Mobile

Tips 2022-05-23 09:05:39 Mobile 452

Blocking Websites on Chrome for Android Mobile

The process of installing and use Block Site almost the same for Android mobiles too. The only points of difference are mentioned below:

1.Instead of installing it through the Block Site page, user can simply visit Google Playstore and download the Block Site app with the symbol shown below.

How to Block  a Websites on Chrome Mobile1

2.Once downloaded, you need to enable Block Site by changing Settings.

Go to "Settings."

Look for the "Accessibility"

Once found, click on "BlockSite."

Now click on the gray "BlockSite" button to turn it on.

And then click "OK."

3.Using Block Site for Android mobile, the user can block entire applications along with webpages and websites. There is a separate tab wherein you can add the application you wish to block.