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How to clean the net surface stains of net shoes?

Tips 2022-07-01 07:07:23 Clothing Care 400

Shoes are items worn on the feet to protect the instep. With the development of the economy, the types of shoes are becoming more and more abundant. In the past, most of them were straw sandals and cloth shoes. Nowadays, leather, sports, casual, and high heels are more popular. So how do net shoes clean the net surface stains?

1. Before washing shoes, you need to wet the whole pair of shoes with running water. It is best to take out the insole and wash it separately.

2. After the whole pair of shoes is wet, take out the prepared soft brush and laundry detergent, pour the laundry liquid on the soft brush, and brush the surface of the shoes.

How to clean the net surface stains of net shoes?1

3. Be careful not to use too much force when brushing the shoes, the laundry detergent can penetrate the fibers of the shoes, and you need to rinse with water during the cleaning process.

4. If the stains on the shoes are just done, it is recommended to brush every corner of the shoes with a brush and rinse them with running water 2-3 times.