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What should I do if the sheepskin leather is hard?

Tips 2022-08-01 09:08:17 Clothing Care 905

Sheepskin leather jackets have always been a popular fabric in leather jackets. They are very comfortable to wear, and sheepskin leather looks more upscale. But what to do if the sheepskin coat becomes stiff?

1. Send the hardened sheepskin to the refurbishment store for leather clothing and shoes to be handled by professionals, but the price is generally higher.

2. Send the hardened sheepskin products to the dry cleaner for a "fat and soften".

What should I do if the sheepskin leather is hard?1

3. Use an oily leather conditioner, the oily maintenance time is long, and the low-grade and high-grade leather clothing is effective.

4. Go to the purchase store to consult the processing method or hand it over to the purchase store for processing.