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Can I dry my clothes on a hazy day?

Tips 2022-06-16 13:06:56 Clothing Care 546

Laundry on smoggy days has become a problem. Many people are entangled in whether to dry their clothes after washing them. If they do not dry, the clothes will dry slowly and have a musty smell. If they are dried, they are afraid of being polluted. Put your underwear and panties outside to dry on hazy days or cloudy days, and they will have a certain impact on your skin after wearing them again. In haze weather, first, the air will be relatively humid. If the underwear is not dried, it may cause skin discomfort. In addition, many micro-particles are floating in the smog, and these are mainly pollutants such as automobile exhaust. When the close-fitting clothes are dried outside, the small particles are easy to adhere to it, breed bacteria, and may cause skin discomfort. In severe cases, it may cause a red rash or skin irritation.

Can I dry my clothes on a hazy day?1

Experts suggest that indoor air circulation is relatively slow, and it is recommended to put close-fitting clothes indoors to dry on hazy days. Dry the clothes out when it is just sunny so that the ultraviolet rays in the sun will automatically sterilize and disinfect. Underwear invaded by smog will have a certain impact on the skin, especially those with skin allergies. Therefore, it is recommended not to hang clothes in haze weather, but to dry them with a dryer first.