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What can't be heated in the microwave?

Tips 2022-06-09 15:06:54 Home Appliances 462

Plastic products

The plasticity of plastic products is better, it is easy to be affected by external action and produce deformation, next, the heat resistance of plastic products is very poor, it is easy to be deformed and produce toxins under the high-temperature heating of microwave oven, it is possible to burn when serious, so generally plastic products cannot be used for microwave oven heating.

Metal products

Above all metal products are heated with microwave oven damage microwave oven very easily, next, the heat-resisting sex of metal products is better, food is heated very hard in a microwave oven, do not suggest to heat food in microwave oven with metal products commonly so.

What can't be heated in the microwave?1

Lacquer wares

The surface of lacquer products generally contains a large number of paint components, which are easy to melt and fall off at high temperatures, resulting in substances that are not conducive to human health and contaminate food, which is not conducive to human health. Therefore, it is not recommended to add food to paint products in the microwave oven.