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Can I use plastic wrap in the microwave?

Tips 2022-06-09 15:06:57 Home Appliances 587

Only microwave plastic wrap can be put into the microwave.

There are special microwave wraps on the market, which can be used for both refrigerator preservation and microwave oven. The plastic wrap and heat-resistant, non-toxic, etc is much better than the ordinary plastic wrap, when buying need to refer to the instructions on the use of the plastic wrap, such as can use microwave oven microwave cling film will be marked, and high temperature resistant, etc., but with general PVC cling film can't contact with grease food, nor the microwave, shall not be used in high-temperature warning language, etc.

Can I use plastic wrap in the microwave?1

Pay attention to

Don't use can not into the microwave oven microwave cling film, this film contains a plasticizer after high-temperature heating will penetrate food, especially fatty foods, endanger human body health, can disrupt the body's hormone metabolism, induce congenital defects, reduce sperm, breast cancer, and even lead to mental disorders, etc.