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Does drinking too much milk make it heaty?

Tips 2022-07-04 15:07:47 Healthy Diet 338

Milk is rich in nutrients, especially protein. For the growth of children, many parents will drink milk for their children, and absorb the required trace elements from milk, but will drink too much milk cause heaty?

Does drinking too much milk make it heaty?1

1. Drinking too much milk will not get heaty.

2. Milk is cold and can clear heat and detoxify. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that milk is slightly cold and has the functions of moistening the lungs, nourishing deficiency, detoxifying, moistening the intestines, and relaxing the bowels. Therefore, drinking milk not only will not "get angry", but also can clear heat and detoxify effect.

3. Especially with the warming of the weather, people's perspiration will increase, and nearly 80% of milk is water, and nutrients such as protein in it are easily absorbed. Nutrition, is the best of both worlds.