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Can milk and calcium tablets be taken together?

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Calcium is a very important element in the human body, and it is the key to the formation of teeth and bones. Nowadays, many children and the elderly are constantly taking calcium supplements. So can milk and calcium tablets be taken together?

Can milk and calcium tablets be taken together?1

1. Milk and calcium tablets can be eaten together.

2. Calcium tablets are usually selected from calcium carbonate, because calcium carbonate contains a high proportion of elemental calcium, with nearly 40% of elemental calcium. Properly eating some calcium carbonate can meet the needs of treatment. Calcium carbonate needs gastric acid to dissociate. Taking calcium supplements after meals often produces a large amount of gastric acid secretion to help dissociate and absorb calcium.

3. Calcium tablets and milk can be taken at the same time because gastric acid secretion helps calcium tablets dissociate after drinking milk, which is helpful for the absorption of calcium carbonate. Therefore, it is recommended to take calcium carbonate and food, including milk at the same time, or eat calcium carbonate immediately after meals. . If it is a gastric acid deficiency, for example, some people have gastric acid deficiency disease or use drugs that inhibit gastric acid, in this case, various calcium supplements can be taken before meals, of course, they can also be taken with milk at the same time, which does not affect the absorption of calcium.