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At present, LED must be better than CCFL

Tips 2022-06-09 16:06:55 Home Appliances 646

At present, although the traditional CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp consumes a lot of power and has an average luminous quality, its luminous efficiency can reach 50-100 lumens/watt, while the luminous efficiency of the white LED device is only 20lm/W or even lower at the beginning. However, the luminous efficiency of white LED has been improved by 60% per year. So far, the luminous efficiency of the white LED device has exceeded 50lm/W and reached the practical level.

At present, LED must be better than CCFL1

Although RGB-LED technology has many advantages, it still has some inevitable limitations. For example, due to the use of a large number of independent LED devices, the lattice arrangement is very dense, not only difficult to ensure the consistency of the light of each device, but also the heat dissipation is not ideal, and can not reach the ultra long life. Second, the luminous efficiency of RGB-LED backlight is still a little weak, currently generally around 50 lumens /W, the highest is only 70 lumens /W, to achieve the same level of brightness as CCFL100 lumens /W, will inevitably lead to the increase of power consumption and heat. Secondly, although THE color purity of RGB-LED is high, the color attenuation amplitude of each LED is not consistent after long-term use, which will also have a great impact on the picture quality.