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What to do if wisdom teeth are inflamed and swollen?

Tips 2022-06-24 08:06:32 Healthy Diet 407

1. The cavity should be kept clean and clean, such as brushing your teeth in the morning, noon and evening, gargling after meals, etc., which can reduce the growth of bacteria in the cavity, thereby reducing the possibility of infection.

2. In the usual diet, you should be careful not to eat some spicy and irritating foods

3. Try to eat as little as possible the food that is hot and roadside stalls, and the safety and hygiene of the things in the roadside stalls are guaranteed.

What to do if wisdom teeth are inflamed and swollen?1

4. If it is already swollen and painful, you can eat some things that reduce heat in the early stage, such as chrysanthemum tea, mung bean cake, watermelon, pear, green tea, honey, and bitter gourd, etc. You can also ice compress around the gums, or rinse with saline, etc. so that the swelling Pain is at least not accelerated.

5. If it has been going on for several days, it has not been relieved, but it has become more serious, then you should see a special dental doctor. The doctor will usually prescribe some anti-inflammatory and pain reliever medicines for you.

6. If you find that your wisdom teeth are often inflamed from time to time, and it persists for a long time, your doctor may recommend that you remove your wisdom teeth.