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Routine maintenance of humidifier

Tips 2022-06-09 16:06:26 Home Appliances 274

1. Use pure water humidifying ultrasonic humidifier, water quality is hard because many areas that are high content of calcium and magnesium ions, and water processing water use bleaching powder and so on some water purifier, these ingredients for humidifier humidification, very bad, part of calcium and magnesium ions with water gushing, dispersion on surfaces and the ground, "white powder" form is formed after drying of the scale, The other part precipitates on the surface of the energy exchanger and the sink, forming solid scale, which is caused by impure water quality, and scaling on the surface of the energy exchanger will affect the humidification effect, and even if not cleaned in time, it will lead to the load of the energy exchanger and burn out the energy exchanger and the electronic original.

2. Regularly replace the water in the water tank, because the water storage time is too long, the water quality will change, so long when not used, the water tank and tank do not release water.

Routine maintenance of humidifier1

3. Do not add inferior additives (such as perfume) to the water tank, which may easily cause cracks in the water tank and the base, affecting the normal operation of the machine.

4. When storing the humidifier, clean and dry the water part. If the humidifier is placed in a ventilated place for air drying, put it into a packing case.