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How to identify the quality of jade?

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Jade is a beautiful mineral. It is also a kind of stone, thin and hard, shiny, slightly transparent, and can be carved into handicrafts. There are white marble, Beijing white jade, and so on. So how do identify the quality of jade?

1. Touch it by hand. Real jade feels cool and lubricated by hand, while fake jade feels rough.

2. Water identification method. Put a drop of water on the jade, if the water does not disperse like the dew for a long time, it is real jade, and if it disappears soon, it is fake jade

3. Observation method. Observe the jade against the bright place, the color is clear and the green is evenly distributed in the real jade.

4. Tongue identification method. Licking real jade with the tip of the tongue will feel astringent, but fake jade will not.

How to identify the quality of jade?1

5. Look at the color. Jade is preferably green, the color is dull, and the yellowish is the lower grade. If it is a single-color jade, it is better to have a uniform color.

6. Look at the shape. The shape of jade can be processed into different styles according to different aesthetic requirements. Generally speaking, the bigger the jade, the better.

7. Take a photo. There are black spots and flaws in the jade that are not easy to be found by the naked eye. As long as you take a photo with a 10x magnifying glass, you can see it at a glance.