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What glasses frame is suitable for round face?

Tips 2022-07-06 08:07:37 Home Life 505

Different face shapes should be matched with different styles of glasses. After all, what suits you is the best. Let's take a look at what glasses frames are suitable for round faces.

1. Square glasses. Since a round face usually has a rounder outline, to make the edges and corners of the outline more distinct, you can choose square glasses, which can just modify the lines so that the face will not look too round, so the default recommendation for round faces is square glasses.

2. Pear-shaped glasses. Although a round face is suitable for a square frame, it should not be too square, otherwise, it will look unnatural. Pear-shaped glasses can make up for this shortcoming. It will not appear too angular, but also has the advantage of modifying a round face. The face is suitable for these glasses.

What glasses frame is suitable for round face?1

3. Flat glasses. Flat and some warped frames are very suitable for round faces. It can make the brow bones and eyebrows look taller, and at the same time, the roundness of the face can be hidden, and this kind of glasses will be more individual and very delicate the same time, so Recommended for women with round faces.

4. Irregular frame glasses. When a round face wants to try some special glasses, an irregular frame is often recommended. It has a good decorative effect and good fashion attributes. It is a kind of glasses that is very suitable for young people. And it does not pick face shape.