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How to apply lipstick without fading?

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Lipstick, a cosmetic that smears the lips to make them red, is a cosmetic that is mainly used on the lips and can increase the color of the lips or change the color lips. It is one of the important makeup. The world's first lipstick was discovered in the Sumerian city of Ur some five thousand years ago. The ancient Egyptians used black, orange, and fuchsia lipsticks; in ancient Rome, a lipstick called Fucus was made of fuchsia-containing mercury-containing plant dyes and red wine sediments. Lipstick fading and sticking to the cup are the troubles of many people, so when buying lipsticks, they will pursue durability of lipsticks. Let's take a look at how to apply lipstick without fading?

How to apply lipstick without fading?1

1. Apply the upper lip concealer to the lips first. Covering the original lip color can make the lipstick better. If the lip color is very dark, it is not easy to develop the color with a lighter lipstick. Be sure to cover the original lip color before applying lipstick.

2. Before you apply lipstick, you'd better clean your lips first. You can first apply a layer of lip oil to make the lips more moisturizing. You can also use some scrub to clean up the dead skin of the lips, and then apply the lipstick. You will find that the lips will be easily colored and the lips will be moisturized. will also increase.

3. After smearing, sip your lips; or take a tissue, divide it into the thinnest layer, and then put some powder on the tissue, which can make your lipstick color last longer and look matte and Light-sensitive.