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What is the reason for the smelly slippers?

Tips 2022-07-08 08:07:26 Home Life 354

People like to put on comfortable slippers as soon as they get home. People who are often at home should know that after wearing slippers at home for a long time, there will be a smell on the slippers. So what is the reason for the smell of slippers?

What is the reason for the smelly slippers?1

1. Slippers will stink because the plastic material itself will have a smell, and in the process of daily wearing, the stains and bacteria on the feet will adhere to the slippers, which will lead to the proliferation of bacteria on the slippers, which will take a long time. Then there will be an odor.

2. To deodorize slippers, soak the slippers in boiling water for 30 minutes. High temperatures can kill the bacteria on the slippers. Then add laundry detergent and use a brush to clean them to remove the substances on the slippers and the odor of the slippers. Just cleaned up.