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How to store barley tea?

Tips 2022-07-01 08:07:14 Healthy Diet 515

The raw material of barley tea is coarse grains, which is different from ordinary tea leaves. When brewing barley tea, it can be brewed with boiling water, so how to store barley tea?

How to store barley tea?1

1. Store barley tea in a sealed ceramic jar, moisture-proof, insect-proof, splash-proof, and light-proof. The jar cannot be smelled. Clear airtight jars are best kept in storage cabinets.

2. Do not mix different kinds of barley tea, otherwise, it will be easy to smell, especially the varieties with a strong aroma, such as lavender, do not store together with barley tea.

3. The same kind of barley tea purchased at different times should not be stored together, otherwise, it will speed up the loss of aroma.